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Interns at DOVA are at the center of running a non-profit dance company. Although interns must specify an area of interest, they are often asked to assist in other areas throughout the internship. We view internships as a learning experience and an opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience in the basics of arts administration. Interns are able see any DOVA productions free of charge and have access to other perks that are made available to DOVA staff.

DOVA interns must be willing to work 15-20 hours per week. 


Please send a résumé and letter of interest to jobs@dougvaroneanddancers.org or to the attention of the Intern Coordinator, Doug Varone and Dancers, 260 West Broadway, Suite 4, New York, NY 10013. You must specify at least one area of interest.


Rolling: Please apply 3 months–6 weeks prior to your desired start date.

Fundraising Interns will assist the Executive Director. Responsibilities will include funder management and relations, generating donation receipts and funder communications, assisting with individual donor campaigns and with special events, and, for the right candidate, grant writing and reporting. Candidates must possess strong writing skills, be detail oriented, capable of staying focused in a busy environment, and thrive at working independently. This is a great opportunity for an intern wishing to develop experience with non-profit arts funding and to understand the relationship between financial development and season programming.

Company Management Interns will assist the Administration Manager and Company Manager. Responsibilities will include contract drafting, budgeting, finance, securing rehearsal space, assisting with touring expenses, and general administrative duties in all departments. This is a great opportunity for someone wishing to develop experience in non-profit arts management at a hands-on organization.

Marketing Interns are fully integrated into the marketing and promotion of DOVA’s productions, workshops, and programing. They will work primarily with the Administration Manager and the Executive Director. Interns participate in the conception and launch of marketing strategies including creating print and web advertisements, social media content development, maintaining the website, organizing digital media, and organizing mailing list exchanges. They must have strong organizational and interpersonal skills, and preferably possess some experience with either graphic design software or basic HTML.



We have entered our fourth decade of making dance and still going strong: In December 2018, we self-produced everything is fine at the New Ohio Theatre in Greenwich Village, reuniting with 8 alumni dancers who performed to an original score by David Van Tieghem. Doug is choreographing, and the Company will be performing, MasterVoices’ remounting of the Weill-Hart-Gershwin musical Lady in the Dark at New York City Center. Plus, we’re returning to BAM in June for our New York Season with live music by the Bang on a Can All-Stars, Lesley Flanigan, and PUBLIQuartet.

We need your help to make this happen

Your one-time or annual gifts are an integral part of our budget. Support from donors like you makes up almost 25% of our budget each year, and provides an essential base of support, allowing us to maintain a high quality of artistic and educational programming year after year. 

Contribute to the Annual Fund

Your one-time or annual gifts are an integral part of our budget. Support from donors like you makes up almost 25% of our budget each year, and provides an essential base of support, allowing us to maintain a high quality of artistic and educational programming year after year. 

Become a Sustaining Donor

Our current sustaining donors provide us with a constant stream of funding that enables us to maintain daily operations both in our office and in the studio. This ongoing support enables us to focus on the creative, performance and educational work that have become a hallmark of Doug Varone and Dancers, making us a dance ambassador across the United States and the world.

Individual Gifts

We will be honored to accept your gift in any amount. Your support directly benefits our work, whether you make your donation now or in monthly installments:

  • $25 provides approximately one hour of rehearsal space in New York City
  • $50 enables us to do a month’s worth of communications and e-marketing
  • $100 funds a double occupancy hotel room for one night on tour
  • $275 pays our office utilities for a month
  • $500 Pays one day of per diem for the entire company while on tour
  • $1,000 underwrites a STRIPPED showing

With sincere thanks,

Doug Varone
Artistic Director 


Doug Varone and Dancers and the Board of Directors wish to express their deepest appreciation to the following private foundations, public agencies, and individuals for their support...


Alphawood Foundation

Barbara Bell Cumming Charitable Trust

Doris Duke Performing Artist Awards

Dubose and Dorothy Heyward Memorial Fund

Exploring the Metropolis, Inc.

The Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Foundation

Gladys Kreible Delmas Foundation

The Harkness Foundation for Dance

Howard Gilman FoundationJ

erome Robbins Foundation

O’Donnell-Green Music and Dance Foundation

The Shubert Foundation, Inc.

SHS Foundation

National Endowment for the Arts

New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and New York State Legislature

New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council


Jody & John Arhnold

Lida Orzeck* & Susan Miller



Jeanne Murphy* and William Oris

Dianne and Daniel Vapnek



Gavin Berger

Gale Epstein

Naomi Grabel* & Neil Kutner

John Patrick Lanasa*

 Melissa S. Rockerfeller

Joseph & Marie Varone

Cathy & Stephen Weinroth

Pearl Zuchlewski*



Richard J. Caples*

Valerie Friedman

Felicia Furman Dryden

Leslie Hendrix & Joseph Smith 

Dennis A. Lalli

 Harold & Myra Shapiro Family Foundation

Jaclynn Villamil

Carol K.* & Peter Walker




Peggy Baker

Stephanie J. Box**

Janet Corriston

Robert Dorf

Dorothy Federman

Katryn Geane**

Erik Gensler

Edward P. Henry

Roger Greene

Elisa King & David Farer 

Joyce Lee**

Stephanie Liapis**

Allison Mui**

Madeleine Nichols

Ellen Peckham

Katherine Roeder

Jennifer Sargent

Jeffery Sholeen

Julia & Paul Sutter

Alexander Thompson**

Lindsay Ullman**

Victoria Watson

Martin Wechsler & David Fanger



James Aquino

Penny Bartlett

Wolf Fritsche Beatty

Sarah Bodley

Robin Bronstein

Thomas & Delores Burrer

Chloe Carlson

Ryan Corriston

Nicholas Croft

Geoffry Fallon

Anne T. Fitzgerald

Mark Russel & Jennifer Goodale

Robyn Goodman

Deborah Herrington & Doug Sawyer

Joan Hershey

Roger Mooney

Lois Murphy

Jon Nakagawa

Paul O’Neil 

Douglas Padgett, M.D.

David Passafaro

Marcy & Len Plavin

Rosalind & Albert Prohaska

Jesica Renkes

Kiri Richards

Jeanne Ruddy

Jay Sanders

Carl F. Schwartz

JohnMario Sevilla

James Shea

Deirdre Valente

Paul Vershbow & Karen Jacob

Thomas Ward

Joan Woodbury

D. Karl Woodland 

Gloria Woodyard




Rebecca Abdenour

Janessa Abrams

Kathi Arnow

Roger Babb

Nancy Bannon

Maggie Beutner

Chad Bolton

Daniel Charon

Mae Chesney

Jordan Chiolis

James Ciano

Debby DeGuire

Alessandra Delle Grotti

Natalie Desch

Barbara Dufty

Nancy Duncan

Lenore E. Eggleston - Herbst

Adriane Fang

David Fanger

Laura Faure

Lorraine Felber

Greta Fifner

Lauren Fitzgerald

Juliet Forrest

Elizabeth Frankel

Chris Friemuth

Karen Gang

Katherine Goodale

William & Linda Grabel

Sondra Graff

Brittany Greene

Jack D. Gunther

Cheryl Hankamer

Patricia Hartnett

Kelly Hayes Micozzi

Elena Hecht

Noel Hefty

Tara Hemmer

Barbara Horn

Maya Horowitz

Katherine M. Houff

C. Nicholas Johnson

Maura Keefe

Tibor Klopfer

Alvera P. Kramer

Peter Labody

Terje Lagesen

Suzanne Lamberg

Diana Lee

George Liss

Rachel List 

Andrea Loverro Sprick

Molly MacGregor

James C. Martin

Kalene Marulis

Barbara Michelson

Robert E. Miller

Monica Mordaunt

Phyllis S. Nesbitt

Kelly M. Oakes

Kristin O’Neal

Robert O'Niell

Overfood, Inc.

David Parker

Jeffrey Passafaro

Mary Beth Peil

Amy Reusch Chibeau

Rachel Rinehardt

Elizabeth Rinehardt

David Ronis

Michael & Diana Rothenberg

Lynda Senisi

Manolis Sfinarolakis

Robert Small

Colin Stilwell

Andrea E. Snyder

Melissa Tartamella

Jessica Taylor

Ame Trandem

William Updegraff

Marya Ursin

Nelly van Bommel

Con Way Ling

Christi Welter

Blake West

Jesse White

Megan Williams & Andy Wollowitz

Harold Wolpert

XiaoChuan Xie

Netta Yerushalmy

Caitlin Yuhas

Nikki Zialcita


Special thanks to our Kickstarter backers, who helped support the Company's tour to the Budapest Dance Festival in April, 2014.


Jenessa Abrams

Kathi Arnow

Penny Bartlett

Maggie Beutner

Chad Bolton

Delores & Tom Burrer

Jordan Chiolis

James Ciano

Nicholas Croft

Debby DeGuire

Alessandra DelleGrotti

Dogtown Dance Theatre

Adriane Fang

Juliet Forest

Chris Freimuth

Felicia Furman

Karen Gang

Sandy Graff

Cheryl Hankamer

Elena Hecht

Tara Hemmer

Katie Houff

Maura Keefe and Mark Witteveen

Tibor Klopfer

Peter L.

Terje Lagesen

Suzanne Lamberg

Karen La Rosa

Joyce Lee

Con Way Ling

Rachel List

Nova Loverro

Molly Mae MacGregor

Kalene Marulis

Kelly Hayes Micozzi

Monica Mordaunt

Kelly Oakes

Jody Oberfelder Dance

Kristin O'Neal

David Passafaro

Jeffrey Passafaro

Rosalind Prohaska

Jesica Renkes

Amy Reusch

Rachel Rinehardt

Jennifer Sargent

Lynda Senisi

Manolis Sfinarolakis & Jessica Sun

Andrea Snyder

Colin Stilwell

Julia Sutter

Melissa Tartamella

Jessica Taylor/DAMAGEDANCE

Bill Updegraff

Deirdre Valente

Nelly Van Bommel

Dianne Vapnek

Joseph and Marie Varone

Paul Vershbow

Jaclynn Villamil

Carol Walker

Jesse White

Megan Williams

Harold Wolpert

David Woodland

Gloria Woodyard

XiaoChuan Xie

Caitlin Yuhas

Nikki Zialcita

* denotes a DOVA, Inc. Board Member

** denotes a DOVA, Inc. Junior Board Member

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