Current Repertory

Ballistics (work-in-progress)

2018 | evening-length work | 20 dancers (approx)

Music by David Van Tieghem

Based on the poems by Billy Collins

Ensemble of Current and Former DOVA dancers, ranging in age from 1 to 70

Ballistics, will explore, “a darker and more disturbing” range of emotions than has generally characterized in Doug Varone's work. In doing so, he and the Company will be building a movement vocabulary that incorporates the most minimal, personal expressions and gestures. This intimacy will reveal itself in smaller configurations of storytelling (solos, duets and trios) where the delicate nature of relationships can be explored more directly. 

Expanding the range of choreographic possibilities has been inherent to Varone’s dances for over 30 years. The creation of Ballistics is both a step forward as well as a grafting from lessons of the past. In creating a dance with far more theatricality than anything he has attempted, Varone is intentionally placing aside the portion of his creativity that embraces large groups in motion. 

Ballistics is being geared specifically for a performance space that is greatly limited in size, demanding that the choreographic choices are constrained to live within it, a restriction essential to discovering the everyday essence of Billy Collins’s writing. The physical intimacy needed for this project is akin to many of the smaller dances Varone created earlier in his career, mining relationships and internal dialogues through finely honed gestures.

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