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2018-19 Season




It's not just how we dance: It's how we talk about dance and how we share it.

Doug Varone and Dancers continues to be among the most sought-after ambassadors and educators in the field. The Company's multidisciplinary residency programs take audiences deeper into the work, with hands-on approach that moves beyond the studio to speak directly to people of all ages and backgrounds, both dancers and non-dancers alike.



Because we create within a wide range of disciplines spanning dance, theater, opera, film, and visual art, we can illuminate in unique ways how creativity connects all of us regardless of stories, lives, ages and differences. By bringing our work to audiences in different ways, in various locations where they already pass through in their day-to-day lives, we expand the notion of everyday movement and connect everyone in different yet unifying ways.


Building off of the huge success of Varone’s sold-out NYC studio series, STRIPPED, Varone is taking his idea to the Mainstage as a way of opening dialogues with new dance presenters and their audiences nationwide. Promoting STRIPPED/DRESSED both as an artistic and educational event breaks through to new territory in presenting. It opens doors for new dance audiences, allowing them to literally see the process of how a dance unfolds from beginnings to fruition in one evening.

Varone’s articulate and insightful way of dissecting his choreography for dance audiences helps to demystify the art form for many viewers, and provides an overture for experiencing his work. The first half of the evening, with Varone as MC, provides an intimate look at his creative process. The Company, dressed in only rehearsal clothes, under simple lights, presents a detailed look into the intricacies of how dances are created and performed.

After a short Q&A and an intermission, the Company returns with the second half of the evening: presenting fully produced dances, complete with lights and costumes.



An eclectic blend of training is the hallmark of the Company’s work and allows for tailor-made classes and workshops for students and dance professionals of all skill levels. The Company’s master teachers are nationally and internationally renowned and offer classes in technique, repertory, composition, partnering, and performance skills. (1.5 - 2 hours)


Easily adapted to a variety of spaces and conducted without theatrical lighting or costumes, live excerpts from the Company’s repertory illustrate Doug Varone’s discussion about how work is created from idea to stage. (1 - 1.5 hours, Q&A included)


This workshop is designed to investigate communication and interaction – to explore, through a series of movement and verbal exercises, how our identities, aspirations, backgrounds, and beliefs are shared. For adults, teens or families; no dance background required. (1.5 - 2 hours)


Typical workshops have explored Lewis Thomas’ The Lives of the Cell in biology classes, A.S. Byatt’s Possession in literature classes, and John Updike’s Trust in a class on human perspectives. Theme based classroom discussion leads to the creation of small movement scenes that facilitate the understanding of the work they are studying via dance making. (1 - 1.5 hours)


This workshop is designed for architecture, arts, design, or engineering students interested in exploring spatial and temporal ideas through movement based problem-solving tasks. (1.5 - 2 hours)


Doug Varone and Dancers offers classes for children from pre-K through 6th grade that include physical and vocal warm ups, exploration of creative movement, imagination games, and storytelling in which students create dances in large groups. (1 hour)

Photo Top: Grant Halverson | Photo Side-by-Side Left: Alexandra Burley | Photo Side-by-Side Right: Erin Baiano

more events & workshops

Workshops for Pre-Profession & Professional Dancers

Our annual intensives for pre-profession and professional dancers are designed to train the next generation. 


At New York City's Hunter College, this one-week intensive celebrates the company's movement style, creative ideas and artistic philosophy. The 2018-19 Winter Intensive will he held January 13-18, 2020.


For three weeks at a university campus, we'll live together, work together, create together, and grow together. The 2020 Summer Intensive will be held in June at Skidmore College. Dates, Tuition and registration for for 2020 to be announced.

Workshops for Choreographers


Led by Doug Varone and the company dancers  |  Enrollment: 10 – 12 choreographers

Designed for emerging choreographers, this unique mentorship with Doug Varone is divided into three distinct parts over the course of several months beginning on May 25 with an intensive retreat in New York City, on going mentorship throughout the summer, culminating in a showcase in August. Participants are selected through application. 2020 Dates and application period to be announced.

Photo: Maddie Irmen

Doug Varone and Dancers presents: DEVICES 6 Choreographic Showcase


12 original works (in process), developed under the mentorship of Doug Varone, by a diverse group of experienced artists at varied points in their careers:

Bianca Brengman | Sarah Carlson | Adeene Denton | Kathleen Fotheringham | Francisco Graciano | Jeffrey Gunshol | Alison Machabee | Andrew Merrell | Trevor Naumann | Courtney Ozovek | Jenna Valez | Alyssandra Wu

Photo: Bailey Mutschler @_bam_films

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