At the heart of every work, is pure dance making and the creative relationship with my dancers is paramount to this process. I work within a very liberal and open atmosphere, and as a result the dancers are great allies in my dance making. They are intuitive interpreters of the work that I imagine. Its this great trust that allows the work to flourish. - DOUG VARONE

In the Shelter of the Fold

The work is comprised of a cycle of six imagistic dances that can be shown as stand-alone works or as an interrelated episodic event, scored by six of the most innovative 21st century composers working today.

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ReComposed is a visual dance creation inspired by American abstract artist Joan Mitchell’s pastel drawings, set to Michael Gordon’s explosive score.

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Through lashing movement sprung from ordinary gesture, along with evocative lifts, holds and falls, ‘Possession’ evokes the temper of our time – equal parts isolation, anxiety, violence and anomie. -NEW YORK MAGAZINE

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The Fabulist

Varone is, I believe, a great humanist. Something, probably honesty, makes his movement powerfully touching – you feel like he is telling you secrets in the dark. I was brought to tears by this sight and pretty much all of the dance. If Varone has ever interested you, do not miss this solo. -FIVE POINTS STAR

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Strict Love

This gray persona, which all the dancers took on, juxtaposed to the music, which included Diana Ross’s ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,’ was bizarre and fascinating. ‘Strict Love’ was one of those dances that leaves audiences begging for more. -THE DAILY GAZETTE

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Depicts a thousand tiny ways the subtle shades of acceptance, rejection, tender passion and greedy need between two people sharing a life. It’s movement that probes the very heart of human emotions and interactions. - BALTIMORE EVENING SUN

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Luxuriant. Lux is all about freedom. It is what dancing really feels like, the kind of dancing I might dream about: loose and sweeping in a spirit of exultation. Varone puts the beating heart at the center of his work. -THE WASHINGTON POST

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